Fountain pen in Ancient English Bog Oak

  • £99.50

Fountain pen handmade in ancient English bog Oak. Finished with Titanium gold coloured fittings complemented by wooden bog oak centre band and finial accent pieces.
This is a beautiful quality handmade fountain pen. The comfortable shape in the hand is complemented by the wonderful natural feel and warmth of the wood with a traditional wax finish.

Around 5000BC a rise in sea level caused the Fens to flood. The old growth trees died where they stood, eventually falling into the silt that now covered the forest floor. Some were preserved in the anaerobic conditions only to be disturbed thousands of years later by farmers now cultivating this rich land. Some of theses Sub-fossilised tress are found with trunks in excess of 100ft.

The Bog oak has a weight and density to rival the most highly valued tropical hardwoods, it is also the only native tree to provide black wood. 

The pen features a quality medium german nib and is approximately 130mm long and 15mm at the widest part including the cap. The pen is not postable.

The pen accepts small 'International' ink cartridges.

The pen will be shipped in the case as pictured. Along with a small certificate giving details of the wood, an ink cartridges to get you started and also an ink convertor so you are able to make use of bottled ink.

If you would like a quality leather case to protect your pen in everyday use take a look here.
           Handmade brown leather pen case        Leather fountain pen case for a single pen.

All pens are handmade by me beginning with rough cut woods for the body. The body of the pen is turned on a lathe to the final shape as seen on each pen. The body is then sanded through several grades, sealed, polished and waxed to its final finish. Assembly is completed by using pre-made high quality pen components for long lasting performance.