Earrings - sterling Silver earrings with Oak from HMS Victory

  • £25.00

HMS Victory Oak Earrings


Earrings/studs handmade with Oak salvaged from HMS Victory during restoration work. One of the greatest pieces of navel history. Victory was Nelson's flagship in the famous battle Trafalgar in 1805. HMS Victory dates back to 1759 when her keel was laid, she was finally commissioned in 1778.

The round ear studs made with 925 sterling silver and the are 5mm diameter.

The earrings  will be shipped in the case as pictured. Along with a small gift certificate giving details of the wood.

Please note each pair of earrings will vary slightly form those pictured, as the wood is natural and no two pieces are quite the same.

All items are handmade by me beginning with rough cut woods. The wood is then sanded and polished to its final finish. Assembly is completed by using pre-made high quality components for long lasting performance.