Scotch Whisky- Inchgower distillery Whisky Cask Oak ballpoint pen

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Inchgower Distillery cask Oak pen

A lovely ball point twist pen, handmade in Oak taken from a Whisky Barrel used to mature Inchgower whisky.

The comfortable shape in the hand is complemented by the wonderful natural feel and warmth of the wood with a traditional wax finish.

Inchgower distillery is a whisky distillery  producing a single malt of the same name located on the outskirts of Buckie, Moray, Scotland.
The distillery was built in 1871 to replace Tochineal Distillery but liquidated in 1903. Buckie Council purchased the concern in 1936 and ownership was transferred to Arthur Bell & Sons Ltd in 1938 and indeed to this very day the Bell's logo is used in the advertising of Inchgower. The current operator of Inchgower is Diageo. 
The distillations of Inchgower contribute a major component of Bell's blended whisky.
The Inchgower is classified as a Lower Speyside malt and takes its water from a burn rising in the Menduff Hills to the south of Buckie.

The pen makes use of standard Parker type ink refills. A black refill is installed so the pen is ready to write.

The pen will be shipped in the case pictured. Along with a small certificate of giving details of the wood. The pen is made to order, each pen will vary from the one pictured as the wood is natural no two pieces are quite the same.

All pens are handmade by me beginning with rough cut woods for the body. The body of the pen is turned on a lathe to the final shape as seen on each pen. The body is then sanded, sealed, waxed and polished to its final finish. Assembly is completed by using pre-made high quality pen components for long lasting performance.