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Handmade Fountain pens

Handmade Fountain pens

A collection of handmade fountain pens.

The pens are made with local and/or historically significant woods. This includes woods from National trust properties such as Saltram House and Buckland Abbey. Also from a number of ships including HMS Hermes and HMS Britannia. 

All of my fountain pens come with a standard generic medium nib unless stated otherwise in the description. Most of the pens use a standard size five fountain pen nib. This enables the use of other nibs if required. I offer the option of the pen being supplied with a Bock nib in the sizes Extra fine, fine, medium, broad and extra broad along with Calligraphy type nibs. I will also shortly be offering the use of Schmidt nibs as a replacement. These will initially be steel nibs that are very smooth to write with.

The fountain pens all make use of standard international cartridges and are also sullied with an ink convertor to allow the use of bottled inks. 

I am happy to take on commissions to make a fountain pen with wood that may have a special meaning to you. 

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