A selection of woods from National trust property Lanhydrock. – DevonPens

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National trust Lanhydrock woods

Lanhydrock woods

A number of new woods added to my shelves today all from National Trust property Lanhydrock house estate. They will all need to dry out a little but should be ready to start using most of them within a week or two.

I have Oak, Ash, Hazel, Holly, Birch, Walnut, Sweet Chestnut, spalted Tulip wood, and Chestnut Burr. Also a small amount of spalted Red Oak from the local area.

There are going to be some good looking pens from some of these woods. I am looking forward to trying out a couple of types of wood I have not turned before Hazel and Birch are two new ones and the Chestnut burr looks stunning. 

I just need a little patience as the wood is seasoned but not quite dry enough to work yet. It has to drop to the same level of moisture as my workshop which is a bit drier than the workshop it came from. Turning it too soon will increase the chances of it splitting and I don't want to see that.