Oblique Dip pen in Buckland Abbey Beech - Brause 66EF Nib fitted

  • £34.50

Stunning oblique dip pen made in Yew from Buckland Abbey. The natural feel and warmth of the wood makes this pen a pleasure to use. 

The nib holder is set for the Brause 66EF Nib which is included with the holder. Other similar sized nibs can be used and the brass holder can be adjusted slightly if required.

The wooden part of the holder is around 158mm long and overall with the nib fitted the length is around 180mm. The widest part of the handle is about 12mm and the overall weight is just 9g.

The brass flange is held firmly with a brass through pin, and also glued for added strength..

The pen will be shipped in the recyclable card case.