Cufflinks in Plywood from Dr Who's TARDIS

  • £38.00

These cufflinks are made special by the fact they are made with plywood taken from the original MK1 TARDIS. This TARDIS was constructed in 1965 at Shepperton studios for Peter Cushing for the film DR Who and the Daleks as a premiere model for the cast to emerge from on stage.

Later the TARDIS was refurbished at the BBC prop department for use at children in need in 2009 at the Leicester space centre with Jennie Linden.

The blue that can be seen on the wood of the cufflinks is part of the original blue paint. As the wood in the cufflinks plywood they are not a stable as solid wood and therefore care should if they do delaminate at all.

They will be shipped in the case pictured, along with a small certificate of giving details of the wood.

All items are handmade by me beginning with rough cut woods for the body. The wood is turned on a lathe to the final shape as seen on each item. The wood is then sanded, sealed, waxed and polished to its final finish. Assembly is completed by using pre-made high quality pen components for long lasting performance.