Ballpoint pen handmade in Vintage Cellulose Acetate c1930's

  • £37.50

Quality ballpoint twist pen handmade a piece of 1930's "Brown Crush" Vintage Cellulose Acetate further enhanced with Antique Brushed Copper metal coloured fittings. 

The pen makes use of a Bolt action style of fitting to extend the nib. Although a slightly heavier pen, it is still well balanced and sits nicely in the hand.

This is a beautiful handmade quality pen, the comfortable shape in the hand is complemented by the smooth warm feeling of vintage material.

The pen accepts standard "Parker" type refills which are widely available. It will be shipped in the case pictured. 

All pens are handmade by me. The body of the pen is turned on a lathe to the final shape as seen on each pen. The body is then sanded, sealed, waxed and polished to its final finish. Assembly is completed by using pre-made high quality pen components for long lasting performance.